Chicane - 3D Printed BMW Shift Knob - 5" Tall - Smooth Printed Finish

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Chicane - Race inspired form with the function to back it up

At 5 inch tall and 1.5" wide this shift knob gives you a better grip than factory and begins to be reasonably tall. The smooth printed finish feels nice in the hand and is not sticky like glossy plastic can be.

Classic matte black color goes with most interiors very well.

Our standard knobs are solid ABS plastic. Our "weighted" knobs have a hollowed core which allows you to add weight through the bottom of the knob. The opening is sized for U.S. Pennies and heat shrink is included. Add your own pennies. Pennies are not included.
Standard - ~4 oz
"5 inch knob Weighted" - ~3.5 oz (+30 pennies total ~6.5 oz)

No glue, No tape, No set screws. This is a 2 piece design that uses a pair of compression sleeves which easily slide around the factory shift lever. The shift knob then threads down around them locking securely in place. Easy to install, remove, and reinstall without damaging or degrading the fastener.

Fitment is for BMW with Manual Transmission.

Will NOT fit Automatic, smg, steptronic etc. Automatic shift stems are similar but this shift knob will not fit them.

The photo of our shift knob colors is meant to represent color only not shift knob style. Please note, It is an actual photo of 11 knobs each printed in its respective color and then photographed together. We have done our best at representing the colors accurately. Your color may vary slightly depending on the screen you are using and the lighting you view the knob in.

These are Made-To-Order. Please allow 2-3 business days for printing.