About Us

The goal of 3DP Shift is to provide high quality custom shift knobs tailor fit to a BMW shift lever at an affordable price.
It all began in 2015 when I needed a shift knob for one of my cars. I had used everything from broken factory knobs to parts-store specials with flimsy little set screws. This particular car had one of the short OEM BMW knobs that was common in 2002's and e30's. The clips had long since failed and the knob was being held in with an old business card crammed into the gap between the knob and the shift lever. Needless to say it could get ripped off with some spirited driving. I had bought a 3d printer a couple years prior and figured I could design and 3d print a knob. It was pretty easy printing a solid cylinder of plastic but getting the fit and finish right was tricky.
The products you see on this site are what I call "Version 3" in my design files. Truthfully it is 10s if not hundreds of tweaks and design changes before having an excellent product.